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Getting Ready for College is the NEXT Big Step

Congratulations! You are on your way to your NEXT major life event, and planning for success is the key to success. Connext is here to help you all the way through the process. Below is some valuable advice, recommendations and resources to help you get to the front of the line as you plan for your future.


Fall: August - October

  • Take your ACT and SATs as required for the colleges you want to attend. You are researching the colleges you want to attend, right? Check out their rankings, career center programs, and stats on how long it takes graduates to find a full-time job in their field. Make sure you understand and adhere to their testing and application DEADLINES!
  • Research what alumni and current students have to say about the colleges you want to attend. Check out Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Then go visit them. These are good places to start.


Winter: November – January

  • Complete your college applications.
  • Complete your FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon after January 1 as you can.
  • There are Federal FASFA deadlines; State FASFA deadlines and College deadlines for the year you are applying.


Spring: February – April

  • Continue looking for any scholarships or grants to help fund your education
  • In April most colleges will let you know if you have been accepted and what awards are available.
  • This is where Connext private student loans by ReliaMax can help. Your financial aid package will have the details on what you’ve been awarded in federal funds, which you have to pay back, and your free money such as scholarships and grants. You and 65% of the other students applying will find there is a gap in what you’re awarded and what you need to cover the entire cost of education (tuition, lodging, books and meals).
  • Connext offers both Undergraduate, Graduate, and Refinance loans from our network of lenders to help you finalize your entire financial package responsibilities and fund that gap. You also have to pay the Connext loan back, and our team of Student Lending Specialists will be with you the whole way. Finishing your education can reap you the rewards of earning power over a lifetime.


Summer: May - August

  • Your Connext loans application will be processed, and if approved, the disbursement of funds will go directly to the college you chose and were accepted to.
  • In School loans will begin repayment 6 months after graduation or if you leave the school for any reason.
  • Refinance repayments begin immediately.
  • Your Connext Student Lending Specialist will help you manage the repayment of your loans and answer any of your questions.

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